TicklingGirlsVideos – Cute reactions Part II

Second Part!! The session haven’t finished yet! This girl still has a lot of reactions to show but this time, with her soles completely oiled and slippery… and an impatient brush
waiting for scratch her feet up and down in an unstoppable way. Well the session is barely beginning and she’s laughing already when I just started to smear the baby oil on her feet and
for the expression of her face that she made when I grab the brush, you could notice that she really knows this session will make her crazy, because she already was tickled with the brush,
but now there will not be friction between her feet and the brush, this time there’s nothing that could stop the brush, the brush just slide and slide so easy and insane on her slippery feet
and she really knows this will make her squeal, squirm, and laugh uncontrollably. No more teasing the session has begun know, the brush approaches slowly to her feet, her mind is already broken,
then suddenly the brush gives the first touch to her soles and a jump and laughing came out of her, she wants to get her feet out of the stocks but there’s no chance because the hole has the perfect size
to avoid she could free her ankles and besides she’s cuffed arms behind her back, so this will be a really long day for her…

But wait! the session still can be better, the extra lock for the feet is added to the stock to enhance the sensation and reduce the mobility and kicking so her feet receive the punishment direct on the soles, so she only could laugh harder and squirm a lot but from her ankles to her head, because her feet are completely immobile receiving all the unstoppable tickling…

Length: 9:59
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Cute reactions Part II

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