TicklishGirls – Jazmine Latex Wrapped and Feet Tickled

TicklishGirls - Jazmine Latex Wrapped and Feet TickledTicklishGirls VIP Clips TicklishGirls - Jazmine Latex Wrapped and Feet TickledTicklishGirls VIP Clips

The unidentified subject has resurfaced, and has recently been showing erratic behavior. We are able to match profiles with many fugitives in the early stages, but we have learned that the subject’s patterns are unpredictable, as we have not yet encountered someone like this before. It seems that his interests are evolving over time, and for this reason, we really do not know what to expect in the future. This further development of unusual interests is very likely to spread into casual interactions in everyday life, as we do believe this progression is irreversible. He may not even truly know who he is anymore, and be completely unaware of what is happening around him. The only thing we are absolutely certain of at this point, is that he will continue.

We find his latest victim bound and completely immobilized by latex stretch wrap. This is the most restrictive bondage we have seen used, and it is clear that the girl cannot escape, or even move around to try and defend herself. We have seen this girl before, indicating that the subject does not actually harm his victims, possibly because he plans to continue to have his way with them. The girl is wrapped from her shoulders to her ankles, with only her feet hanging off the edge of the table. And then he tickles her. He tickles her worse than we could have imagined, and the girl cannot move the slightest bit to try and escape. This tickling went on for longer than we were able to watch, as several of our staff members went to use the restroom during parts of the video. But they were very relaxed when returning. We sure hope that she told him what he wanted to know.

Length: 34:31
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Jazmine Latex Wrapped and Feet Tickled

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