TrueTickling – Harlie Quinn’s Revenge and Your Girlfriend Suffers! Tickle Hostage Compilation

TrueTickling - Harlie Quinn's Revenge and Your Girlfriend Suffers! Tickle Hostage CompilationTrueTickling VIP Clips TrueTickling - Harlie Quinn's Revenge and Your Girlfriend Suffers! Tickle Hostage CompilationTrueTickling VIP Clips TrueTickling - Harlie Quinn's Revenge and Your Girlfriend Suffers! Tickle Hostage CompilationTrueTickling VIP Clips

HARLIE QUINN'S REVENGE HD and "Talk or Your Girlfriend Suffers!" HD Compilation: Featuring Bianca Rose , Scarlett Storm, Kelli Lynn Sage and Andi Pheonix(WINDOWS AND MAC COMPATIBLE VERSION)SHE'S BACK AND SHE'S NOT HAPPY! Harlie Quinn found out where Kelli moved to and is seeking revenge!!!!She tiptoes her Jester clad body down the hallway into Kelli's apartment. Little does the poor girl know what she is in for. KELLI IS FAST ASLEEP AND IS SOON WOKEN UP BY THE PSYCHOTIC MADWOMAN. Harlie want's to TICKLE THE HELL out of Kelli like she did to Harlie a few months ago. She escaped prison and her first order from Mr. J was to make Kelli pay.After waking her up with a few preliminary belly and armpit tickles she HOGTIES KELLI AND LETS LOOSE ON HER WITH HER SHARP POINTED FINGERNAILS! Harlie then takes off her velvet gloves and tickles Kelli with bare fingers. THIS MAKES KELLI SCREAM, THRASH AROUND AND LAUGH HYSTERICALLY. Miss Quinn then leaves to prepare a "surprise" for her. Kelli is left hogtied on the bed.Some time passes and Andi Phoenix arrives to pick up Kelli to go to their second shoot of the day. She hears Kelli crying for help and unties her. They both then go on the HUNT FOR HARLIE.Kelli and Andi check upstairs and soon realize that Harlie is in the basement. They both sneak downstairs and find that HARLIE QUINN IS WIRING A BOMB! They catch her just in time, disarm the bomb, give her a few tickles and bring her back upstairs to be TICKLE T0RTURED!!!!Andi starts out interrogating and talking to Harlie and is soon attacking her with her long sharp nails. Andi makes sure to thoroughly explore every one of Miss Quinn's spots while Kelli tapes the whole thing. They both tell Harlie that they will be posting the video on the internet so EVERYONE can see and Mr. J can be lead into a trap by trying to find her. Harlie begs them not to, but the girls don't care. Andi continues to run her nails all over Miss Quinn's ARMPITS, RIBS, BELLY, INNER THIGH AND FEET. Then Kelli tells Andi to take the camera because she wants a turn!Kelli is angry. No one gets the better of her. She goes all out on Miss Quinn with her fingernails on her TUMMY, ARMPITS AND INNER THIGHS and then switches to tickling the hell out of Miss Quinn's feet. She isn't nearly done. SHE BRINGS OUT THE HITACHI AND STARTS VIBRATING HARLIE'S PUSSY (THROUGH HER VELVET SUIT) WHILE TICKLING HER SOFT SOLES! Harlie squeals and begs for mercy, but Kelli doesn't care. She is going to continue to T0RTURE the MadWoman until she is completely exhausted.Miss Sage then runs to her bathroom to get an ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH while Harlie is still tied up. Kelli was given this toothbrush at Foot Fetish Party NYC by one of her fans, and thought that this would be a PERFECT time to use it. HARLIE HATES THE ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH, especially when Kelli WORSHIPS HER FEET and then runs the toothbrush over her wet soles. Kelli even uses the electric toothbrush and HITACHI at the same time, one on her PUSSY one on her tootsies!Finally after much squealing, laughing and begging, Kelli makes Harlie Quinn ask permission and ALLOWS HER TO CUM AFTER PREVIOUSLY BEING DENIED! Andi and Kelli then call the cops to have Miss Quinn put into custody.MUST SEE CLIP! Two full SEPARATE tickling scenes. There isn't one spot not covered on both Kelli and Harlie Quinn.Tony and his girlfriend Bianca just got off their flight and arrived at their hotel. Little do they know they are being followed by two agents that are trying to find a very important hard drive. The two agents ambush the couple, get control over Tony and tie up Bianca. Tony was given a substance that paralyzes his shoulders so he cannot feel his arms and he CANNOT DO ANYTHING TO SAVE HIS GIRLFRIEND! The two agents put Bianca through the ringer, interrogating her by using INTENSE TICKLING which makes her slowly but surely hyperventilate. Will Bianca tap out? What will happen to Tony? There is a twist at the end that you must WATCH TO FIND OUT!

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1280×720,, 5163 kbps, 29.971 fps
Audio:  mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 44100Hz, 127 kbps , 2 channel(s)
Duration: 43:17.127
Size: 1 637,986 Mb

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