UKTickling – Alice Squeals & Squirms In The Stocks!

New-girl Alice goes into the stocks for her first tickle session in this hot clip! Alice is very ticklish and a little nervous as she is bound on the Bull with her feet in the stocks. She wears a cute dress with sheer pantyhose and heels, which come off very quickly as her cute nylon feet are tickled! Alice doesn’t like being tickled and she tries to fight it as she tenses and scrunches her feet. There’s not a lot she can do though and she’s soon giggling and even squealing – even more so when her body is tickled too! Her sensitive feet prove even more ticklish with the brush, driving her mad as it scrubs her sheer soles. Her sides and armpits then get some intense tickling that has her thrashing around, trying to get away as she really cracks up. Her dress is lifted up to expose her belly, sides and hips which prove to be her most sensitive spot, and she goes crazy as they are tormented! The final minutes focus on her sexy feet once more, with the left soon proving to be more ticklish by far (and so getting the most attention!). The nylons are ripped and her soft bare soles and toes are thoroughly tickled too. Alice writhes, squirms and squeals as fingers and the hairbrush drives her nuts…she’d definitely had enough by the end! A hot debut for this ticklish cutie!

Length: 14:02
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Alice Squeals & Squirms In The Stocks!

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