UKTickling – Ayla And Naia Are The Meanest Ticklers – Part 3

In this final part, Ayla chose her own scenario. She went for full body spread on the bed, and she picked out the hottest outfit for what is a very hot tickle scene! Tiny asian Ayla knows my worst tickle spots and she is an expert tickler. She starts off by teasing my feet with her long nails, teasingly going from slow to fast tickles, whilst posing her legs and ass. She then switches it up as she moves to the body, tickling all over the torso, with a lot of focus on the armpits to drive me nuts! Ayla loves tickling and she loves to tease. She climbs on top of me, pinning me down as her tickling fingers go everywhere, tickling my body and then getting the worst spots in the belly and groin, before reaching for the feet again. She tickles relentlessly, holding me down and punishing my body until I’m begging her to stop! This is truly one of the most intense F/M tickle sessions we’ve ever done and she really pushes me over the edge, going from sexy, teasing tickles to a full on tickle that feels like it’s never going to end! And Ayla doesn’t want it to – after more than 15 mins she still wants to carry on tormenting me, and so she does! She really doesn’t quit, getting in a full 17 mins of non-stop tickle punishment…she would have carried on even longer. She’s a very hot tickler but very, very mean! Don’t miss this one.

Length: 17:19
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ayla And Naia Are The Meanest Ticklers – Part 3

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