UKTickling – Ayla Gets Tickle Punishment And Then Payback!

UKTickling - Ayla Gets Tickle Punishment And Then Payback!TicklingGuy UKTickling - Ayla Gets Tickle Punishment And Then Payback!TicklingGuy

Something a little different this clip features both M/F and F/M tickling with petite asian Ayla Sky! Ayla hates being tickled so I made a deal with her: she goes for a little session in the new stocks and then we switch places so she can get her own back afterwards! Ayla is insanely ticklish of course, but she’s also a uniquely skilled tickler and as always, she takes great pleasure in getting her revenge. She starts off, fully stretched out with her feet up in the stocks, and arms cuffed overhead. Her heels come off and she soon goes crazy as her super-ticklish feet are tormented. Ayla really can’t take it and she squeals, begs and pleads, whilst struggling frantically. It’s even worse when her legs and body are tickled too, and she manages to slide her tiny foot out of the stocks as she wriggles and squirms! It gets worse for her as she goes back in the stocks for more tickling and this time the brush comes out, driving her completely nuts. When it gets too much, she gets both feet out of the stocks but that’s not the end as her arms are still pinned down and the tickling continues while she squeals kicks like crazy! Barely five minutes of tickling proves too much for Ayla, but it’s time to switch places and she’s definitely not planning to make it so easy for me. Ayla’s very happy to be getting payback. She makes the most of my predicament, as I go into the stocks wearing the slippery morph suit, which is even more ticklish underneath Ayla’s lethal long nails! A split-screen view gives you a great angle to watch as she slowly torments my feet and body, teasing all the while. Ayla is in a mischievous mood – and it’s even worse as I can’t see where she’s going! She’s completely merciless – straddling me, playfully taunting and laughing at my expense as she tickles armpits, belly, legs, ass, groin – everywhere! She slips off her heels and smothers me with her sexy bare feet, while she continues the relentless tickling. After some very intense body tickles, Ayla really punishes my feet again, using her nails and the brush…then uses the brush all over my body too! She puts me through a very intense tickle session in this one, which lasts nearly three times as long as her own. The finale is unbearable – made even worse by the suit! Ayla definitely got the better deal in this one.

Length: 18:14
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ayla Gets Tickle Punishment And Then Payback!

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