UKTickling – Charlie’s Tag-Team Torment Part 1 – Custom

Super-ticklish Charlie Monaco gets a tag-team tickling that drives her out of her mind in part 1 of this hot custom! Stretched out and cuffed to the bed wearing only her bra and panties, Charlie’s hot body and sexy bare feet are totally exposed as Ayla and myself double up and send her to tickle hell! Charlie is soon squealing and shrieking as she is tickled all over…and she learns how bad Ayla’s nails are on her bare skin! With Charlie’s bare toes tied she is truly helpless as Ayla goes to work on her bare feet whilst I tickling her inner thighs and hips. This is a tickle session that keeps getting worse for Charlie though as we swap places and her sensitive soles get the brush while Ayla’s fingers work their way up her body! Pinning her torso from either side, we both tickle her armpits, belly, and sides as Charlie goes completely nuts. She gets only brief respite as we take turns at groping her amazing boobs in between the relentless tickles! Ayla pulls down the bra and Charlie titties are tickled too as we continue tormenting her trapped body from both sides.

Length: 9:31
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Charlie’s Tag-Team Torment Part 1 – Custom

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