UKTickling – Cherry’s Step-Mother Mummified & Tickled In The Stocks!

Cherry brings her real-life step-mother back for more tickling – and we persuaded her to be mummified and tickled for the first time! It’s quite a challenge for Cherry’s mum as she has some of the most ticklish feet around but she’s feeling brave enough to put herself through it. To make things a little more fun, we also added in the stocks, so her feet aren’t going anywhere as a cat-suited Cherry torments her super-sensitive soles and toes! To start with Cherry playfully teases her mum’s sheer nylon feet with her long nails. She spends the first couple of minutes lightly tickling to warm her up but even that has her laughing and squirming. Then, at a command Cherry speeds it up, tickling more intensely until her mum is howling with laughter! She’s soon pretty exhausted but Cherry doesn’t let up with the tickling and she barely lets catch her breath as her sharp nails scratch her soles and get right under her toes. After a few minutes, we add the toe-ties, which only makes things even crazier for her poor mum who laughs and laughs as Cherry works over her helpless trapped feet. She then adds baby oil, rubbing it into the pantyhose before unleashing more tickling and driving her completely nuts! She gets brief respite as Cherry rips off the nylons, but it’s short-lived as she puts the toe-ties back on and then continues tormenting her oiled-up bare feet too! Cherry laughs at her mum’s reactions as she continues the relentless tickling for the final five minutes, keeping her barefeet toe-tied the whole time and really going to town. Just as it’s coming to an end, she goes all-out for the last few seconds, making her shriek and beg. She didn’t have a chance to get her own back this time, though we’re sure she would have liked to! Next time maybe?

Length: 15:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Cherry’s Step-Mother Mummified & Tickled In The Stocks!

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