UKTickling – Ellie Gets Mummified & Tickled Crazy!

Super-cute and super-ticklish Ellie Mae finds herself on the receiving end once again as she is mummified for an intense tickle session! Naked except for sheer pantyhose, Ellie is tightly wrapped and strapped to the bull with only her head, feet and boobs exposed. She jumps, squirms and laughs as her sheer soles are tickled with fingers, and later the hairbrush – which drives her nuts! Her exposed boobs get some tickling too, along with her sides and ribs which are poked and teased underneath the wrapping as Ellie squeals and struggles furiously. Her nylon feet are extremely ticklish in this position and the brush has her trying to break free as she laughs and kicks frantically! Later, the nylons are ripped and her soft bare soles get plenty of tickling too as she laughs and protests. The brush is unbearable on her bare feet but the toothbrush takes her by surprise. Jumping and giggling, she can’t decided whether or not she likes it – until it goes in between her bare toes! Ellie thrashes so much that her hands start to rip through the plastic. Nevertheless, we finish up with some body tickles, focusing on her pert breasts and nipples which are very ticklish! She goes crazy all over again, almost breaking out in the last few minutes! A very cute and crazy scene!

Length: 10:26
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ellie Gets Mummified & Tickled Crazy!

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