UKTickling – Helen Has 13 Minutes On Jade’s Helpless Soles – Custom

Poor Jade suffers her way through another tickling in this hot custom scene! This time, Jade is tightly mummified, laying face-down with her nylon soles exposed. The lovely Helen has the privilege of tormenting Jade’s super-ticklish feet for thirteen minutes, while Jade can do nothing but laugh, scream and beg her to stop! Looking foxy and mean in thigh high boots, Helen has a lot of fun slowly tickling Jade out of her mind with her long nails! The timer begins and Jade knows she’s in trouble as soon as she feels Helen’s nails running over her feet! She starts off with just one finger, lightly teasing and tickling Jade’s sole. She gradually builds up, running all of her fingers up and down as Jade laughs and squeals. She can barely move a muscle in this position and her feet are completely at Helen’s mercy as she continues her slow teasing and tickling! Helen really can’t believe how ticklish Jade is and she reminds her that she has only just started. Gradually, she increases the intensity, getting her fingers into Jade’s sensitive toes and running her nails all over her soles. She soon finds a new spot, discovering that the tops of Jade’s feet and backs of her heels are insanely ticklish too! Jade is soon begging and pleading with her to stop but Helen is having too much fun and the tickling must go on. After 8 minutes of mean tickling on Jade’s nylon feet, Helen rips the pantyhose to expose her bare soles. For the remaining five minutes, she tickles all over Jade’s soft bare soles, and runs her nails along the sides and tops of her feet too. Poor Jade is exhausted from the tight position – her situation is made even worse by not being able to see what Helen is up to! It gets worse as baby lotion is added and Helen rubs it right in between her toes as her cruel nails tickle all over Jade’s slippery soles until the time is up. This one was shot continuosly for 13 mins with two cameras to capture Jade’s reactions (though there was one very quick break for technical reasons) Jade was so relieved when it finally ended!

Length: 13:47
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Helen Has 13 Minutes On Jade’s Helpless Soles – Custom

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