UKTickling – Jasmine Teaches Scarlett A Lesson

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Now Jasmine has Scarlett spreadeagle and face-down, and she's most certainly going to get her own back! Jasmine's in a mean mood as she teases the vulnerable redhead, gently tickling her legs and thighs, making her squirm and giggle before moving down to her feet. Jasmine holds on to Scarlett's ankle and tickles her nylon foot through her heels, and driving her crazy. She takes off her shoe and tickles some more. Jasmine also has her sights on Scarlett's ticklish thighs and ass though, and she straddles her waist, pinning her to the bed while she tickles her into a frenzy! Scarlett is powerless as Jasmine dominates and tickles her, removing her other shoe and toying with her nylon soles. After spending some time on her feet, she straddles Scarlett again, pulling up her top and grabbing her exposed waist and ribs as Scarlett loses control. She laughs, squeals and begs Jasmine to stop as she tickles her helpless torso! Jasmine goes for Scarlett's sexy feet again, trapping and tickling each one in turn. She slowly teases her sheer nylon soles with her fingers and then rips the tights to tickle her bare feet too! Jasmine takes off her boots and has a lot of fun with Scarlett's ticklish body, going back to torment her inner thighs making her buck and thrash around. She then uses her long legs and feet to pin Scarlett's arms in place as she mercilessly tickles her body again. Scarlett goes crazy, especially when Jasmine uses her toes to tickle her armpits, while her fingers tickle her sides! After some more tickling on her barefeet, poor Scarlett is reduced to a sweaty, breathless mess and Jasmine's satisfied that revenge is served!

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