UKTickling – Lou Is Back & Crazy Ticklish!

The amazing foot model Lou (Louinheels) finally makes her return visit to UK Tickling and she turns out to be even more ticklish this time! Lou is back in the stocks – this time on the Bull – as her sexy feet get a short but intense tickle workout. Dressed in leggings with nylons and heels, Lou is masked up this time – but you do get a great view of her sexy feet as the heels come off and the tickling begins! Lou’s big (size 7 UK) soles and long toes are super-sensitive from the start and she’s soon cracking up. Her nylon feet are tickled with fingers and then the brush as she laughs and squeals. She goes crazy as her upperbody is briefly tickled too – she really can’t cope with the ribs and armpits being tickled! Returning to her feet, Lou’s sheer soles get thoroughly tickled before ripping the nylons to expose her beautiful bare feet too. This proves even more ticklish and Lou laughs like crazy – especially when her feet and body are tickled together! After adding some baby lotion, her feet become even more sensitive and you get an amazing view of her perfect soles in the final minutes as they are thoroughly tormented with fingers and the brush. Poor Lou can only lay back and laugh until the end of this one, but what a cute laugh she has!

Length: 9:27
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Lou Is Back & Crazy Ticklish!

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