UKTickling – Roll The Dice To Decide Chantelle’s Fate – Custom

Insanely ticklish Chantelle Fox makes a welcome return after a long time away…and she’s back in the stocks too, for this fantastic custom clip! Chantelle is strapped down with her feet raised in the stocks, wearing a tight vest top, tight jeans with socks and ankle boots. This clip is a tickle challenge, but more like a series of forfeits as her fate is decided by a roll of the dice! The rules are as follows:
A dice is rolled a predetermined amount of times (ideally at least 9) with each dice number (1-6) representing a different body area. After the dice is rolled, Chantelle is subject to a one minute merciless tickling on that body area if applicable.
1 – feet
2 – knees
3 – ribs
4 – armpits
5 – feet
6 – pass (no tickling)
Notes: shoes and socks are removed on camera prior to first foot tickling.

We use a mobile app to roll the dice and call the numbers. Chantelle is already squirming as the first number is called and she realises she’s going to get a minute of non-stop foot tickling! It’s been a long time since Chantelle had an intense tickle session and she has one now as soon as her boots and socks are off! She has a total of nine rolls of the dice, and only gets one lucky number 6 (meaning no tickling for that round). You will have to watch the clip to see which numbers came up but she does get a lot of tickling on all her worst spots! Note that foot tickling comes up on two different numbers, to guarantee she gets plenty! It all drives her nuts – especially the knees! Chantelle even breaks an arm free at one point and it has to be held down while the tickling continues! Her feet get lotioned and tickled with the hairbrush too. It’s a very mean clip and an excellent ‘challenge’ – one which she never had any chance of winning unfortunately! Chantelle is a sweaty, exhausted mess by the end. She then gets a little extra tickling to finish her off…very mean!

Length: 12:53
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Roll The Dice To Decide Chantelle’s Fate – Custom

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