UKTickling – Sophia Discovers Roxee’s Nails Are Worse!

Sophia realises that she may have bitten off more than she can chew as the roles are reversed and Roxee gets her own back! Sophia’s nails may have tickled like crazy but Roxee’s nails are crazy! Very long, very sharp and super-ticklish, they turn Sophia into jelly as Roxee punishes her sensitive feet. Roxee focuses her attention on Sophia’s sexy feet this time, removing her heels and teasingly stroking her soles to begin with. She then turns up the intensity, making Sophia squeal and shriek as she mercilessly tickles her nylon feet, running her nails up her thighs too. Roxee cracks up as she watches Sophia go nuts, gasping, cursing and screaming with laughter as she feels just how bad those nails are! After teasing and tormenting her nylon feet, Roxee can’t resist worshipping them too. She devours Sophia’s sexy nylon soles and toes, salivating and spitting on her toes as she sucks them. Sophia enjoys the worship, jumping a little as Roxee’s nails tease her soles. She then rips the nylons and continues worshipping, tickling and lickling her soft bare feet, driving Sophia to distraction! It’s a very hot finale, finishing with some intense tickles as Roxee wants to hear Sophia scream some more! You’ll love these two!

Length: 12:50
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Sophia Discovers Roxee’s Nails Are Worse!

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