UKTickling – Super-Cute Lia’s First Time In The Stocks!

UKTickling - Super-Cute Lia's First Time In The Stocks!UKTickling VIP Clips UKTickling - Super-Cute Lia's First Time In The Stocks!UKTickling VIP Clips

Lia is another newcomer, introduced to use by her friend Rose. Like Rose, she’s a super-cute eighteen year-old with an amazing body and feet…she has the longest legs and tiniest waist you’ll ever see! This Romanian teen also turns out to be very ticklish indeed as she goes into the stocks for her first tickle session! Lia’s body looks amazing in hot lingerie with sheer stockings and heels. In the stocks with her wrists cuffed overhead, Lia is a little nervous as she’d already told us her feet are very sensitive…and she’s not wrong as the tickling begins and she’s soon laughing, struggling and squirming in the seat! The heels come off and she really cracks up as her sexy nylon feet are teased and tickled. Her legs and upperbody are tickled too and Lia giggles as her sides are squeezed, then jumps and squeals as her armpits are tickled too! Returning to her feet, Lia gets another surprise as the hairbrush comes out. She says she’s curious to see what it feels like and she nearly jumps out of the chair when it’s used on her sensitive soles! She gets some intense foot tickling, followed by several minutes of intense upperbody tickling too. Their are more surprises, as her nylon feet are tormented with the electric toothbrush, hairbrush and even a feather, before ripping the stockings to tickle her amazingly soft bare soles too. Lia laughs and struggles as her bare feet are tickled, and she goes crazy as the toothbrush works it’s way in between her long toes! There’s still more in store though, as the hairbrush drives her nuts again and baby lotion is added in the final minutes. Poor Lia can only laugh and beg as her amazing toes and soles get thoroughly tormented with fingers and the brush until the end…it’s quite an introduction, and leaves her totally spent! Yet another amazing debut – you’ll also love Lia!

Length: 15:45
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Super-Cute Lia’s First Time In The Stocks!

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