UKTickling – Teasing Amber’s Sensitive Feet!

UKTickling - Teasing Amber's Sensitive Feet!UKTickling VIP Clips UKTickling - Teasing Amber's Sensitive Feet!UKTickling VIP Clips

Sexy redhead Amber Coen makes her UK Tickling debut as her amazing feet get teased and tormented! Amber hates having her feet touched, let alone tickled as she finds it unbearable. Completely unbound, she does a good job of trying to hold it together in this one as her sensitive soles and toes are tickled with fingers and brushes! Wearing tight leggings over sheer nylons and a tight top, Amber’s feet are tickled one at a time, lightly to start with as she giggles and laughs. The intensity builds as the hairbrush is used and her thighs are squeezed too, making her laugh and plead for a break! Poor Amber really doesn’t like being tickled at all, and she complains through the giggles as she tries to pull her foot away. It only gets worse for her though as her hot body gets some tickles too, making her crumple up and squirm to get away! She then goes face-down, and quickly learns that this position is even worse as her exposed nylon soles get more tickling, along with her thighs and ass! The nylons are ripped and her amazing bare soles get baby lotioned before some intense tickling with fingers and the brush that has Amber cracking up and pleading to stop as she tells me I’m cruel! The electric toothbrush drives her nuts as it teases in between her sensitive toes and Amber wriggles from side-to-side, almost rolling off the sofa at the end! An extremely cute first scene with this gorgeous girl…expect more from her soon!

Length: 12:04
Resolution: 1920×1080

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