ZenTickling – Edith Dominated

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Since Blaze has a background in competitive wrestling we decided to have a short ‘tickle wrestling’ match between her and my lovely Edith. There is a definite size difference between the two women, but Edith is very scrappy. Blaze tosses her around like a doll, positioning her body however she likes and dishing out some tickles. To her credit, Edith always has an eye out for an exposed belly or foot, and she is able to catch Blaze by surprise a few times. At the end is very clear that Edith was totally dominated by the stronger woman, and she submits to the tickling that she deserves. After the match we do a short interview with Blaze, who had an amazing time and would totally come back for more!

Length: 6:48
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Edith Dominated

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