ZenTickling – Edith on the Rack

During the last week or so I secretly built a few pieces that could be easily attached to and removed removed from our everyday Ikea dining bench, transforming it into a BDSM tickle rack. This is Edith’s first time seeing the contraption and she is very intrigued. The ‘click, click’ of the mechanism as her arms are slowly stretched turns her on a lot, building up her anticipation of what is coming. Edith is totally helpless and I tickle her for a very long time. Her belly is her favorite spot to be tickled and I happily focus my attention there, but I also focus on her nipples and armpits. Of course, she absolutely HATES when I tickle her nipples and screams obscenities at me when I refuse to give her a break. At one point during her tickle experience she is laughing so hard that she begins tearing up a bit. I think my favorite part is when I lay under the rack and tickle her from below.. I start tickling her nipples and when she protests I cover her mouth with one hand and continue the tickling. This one is good, more coming!

Length: 17:21
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Edith on the Rack

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