ZenTickling – Upside Down Tickling

ZenTickling - Upside Down TicklingVIP Clips ZenTickling ZenTickling - Upside Down TicklingVIP Clips ZenTickling

Edith and I were messing around and I discovered something peculiar.. having her hang off of a bed/couch made her belly seem extra ticklish! We immediately took out the camera to record a quick session. Edith is topless and her torso is hanging off the edge of a couch, leaving her belly stretched and vulnerable. Nearly everything I do causes uncontrollable laughing. When I sneak close to her tummy and deliver a big raspberry it makes her crazy. She tries to ask me to tickle her in a certain area under her boobs, but she is not able to get the full sentence out while I am exploring all of her ticklish spots.

Length: 3:04
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Upside Down Tickling

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