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UKTickling – Violet Can’t Cope With The Double-Stocks!

Petite, super-ticklish Indian beauty Violet pays another visit to UK Tickling after a few months away…and gets a shock as she’d forgotten how ticklish she was! Violet tries the double-stocks for the first time and finds it completely unbearable as her helpless, sensitive feet get totally tormented. Real-life business lady Violet always looks great in business attire, and this time is no exception as she wears a smart dress with sheer pantyhose and heels. She’s soon laughing and gasping as her nylon feet are tickled and Violet realises it’s longer than she though since her last tickle session! The heels come off and she knows she’s in for a tough time as she struggles but can’t move her legs at all. She can only laugh like crazy as her petite nylon feet are tickled, followed by her legs and upperbody. Her feet get tickled with fingers and then the hard brush which drives her crazy again. The electric toothbrush is used as well, and works great as it tickles her super-long toes through the sheer nylons! Violet then has a new experience in the second half as her long toes are tied, and her trapped feet get more intense tickling. It’s even worse when the nylons are ripped though, exposing her amazing slender bare soles and toes! Violet cracks up as her bare feet are tickled then toe-tied again and tickled some more! The brush and toothbrush have her laughing and squealing, but she really loses it in the final minutes as her bare feet are lotioned and tickled. Poor Violet is almost crying with laughter by the end of this one! A great clip, one of her best tickle scenes yet. She didn’t like the double stocks at all!

Length: 14:43
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Violet Can’t Cope With The Double-Stocks!

UKTickling – Roll The Dice To Decide Chantelle’s Fate – Custom

Insanely ticklish Chantelle Fox makes a welcome return after a long time away…and she’s back in the stocks too, for this fantastic custom clip! Chantelle is strapped down with her feet raised in the stocks, wearing a tight vest top, tight jeans with socks and ankle boots. This clip is a tickle challenge, but more like a series of forfeits as her fate is decided by a roll of the dice! The rules are as follows:
A dice is rolled a predetermined amount of times (ideally at least 9) with each dice number (1-6) representing a different body area. After the dice is rolled, Chantelle is subject to a one minute merciless tickling on that body area if applicable.
1 – feet
2 – knees
3 – ribs
4 – armpits
5 – feet
6 – pass (no tickling)
Notes: shoes and socks are removed on camera prior to first foot tickling.

We use a mobile app to roll the dice and call the numbers. Chantelle is already squirming as the first number is called and she realises she’s going to get a minute of non-stop foot tickling! It’s been a long time since Chantelle had an intense tickle session and she has one now as soon as her boots and socks are off! She has a total of nine rolls of the dice, and only gets one lucky number 6 (meaning no tickling for that round). You will have to watch the clip to see which numbers came up but she does get a lot of tickling on all her worst spots! Note that foot tickling comes up on two different numbers, to guarantee she gets plenty! It all drives her nuts – especially the knees! Chantelle even breaks an arm free at one point and it has to be held down while the tickling continues! Her feet get lotioned and tickled with the hairbrush too. It’s a very mean clip and an excellent ‘challenge’ – one which she never had any chance of winning unfortunately! Chantelle is a sweaty, exhausted mess by the end. She then gets a little extra tickling to finish her off…very mean!

Length: 12:53
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Roll The Dice To Decide Chantelle’s Fate – Custom

UKTickling – Crazy-Ticklish Jasmine’s First Time In The Stocks!

Gorgeous newcomer Jasmine De Launay gets her first tickle session – and quickly realises that she’s in a lot of trouble because she’s seriously ticklish! Exotic Jasmine is one very sexy milf, with some amazing curves and cute little feet, which turn out to be a lot more ticklish than she imagined. She wears little denim shorts and a vest top with sheer pantyhose and heels as she goes into the stocks with her arms up. The heels come off and Jasmine is soon gasping, squealing and laughing like crazy as her nylon feet are teased and tickled. Her body proves very ticklish too and she squirms and squeals with laughter again as her legs, sides and armpits are tickled! Her feet are her worst spot – especially toes and they get a lot of tickling with fingers and the brush before some thigh tickles that drive her completely nuts! Returning to her upperbody Jasmine’s sides prove to be another tickle spot, and when her top is pulled down her massive boobs and nipples prove pretty ticklish too! She gets some intense upperbody tickling as she jerks and thrashes around but it’s her super-ticklish feet that produce the wildest reactions of all and Jasmine is truly tickled out of her mind as she gets the brush, toothbrush before the nylons are ripped to tickle her barefeet too. She soon learns that the hairbrush and baby lotion is the craziest combination of them all, as her sexy bare soles get total tickle- in the final minutes! It’s an intense introduction and it leaves Jasmine gasping for breath…we couldn’t wait to get her back for more after this debut!

Length: 15:51
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Crazy-Ticklish Jasmine’s First Time In The Stocks!

UKTickling – Cherry’s 10 Minutes Of Tickle Hell!

After punishing her poor mum’s feet for so long, it only seemed right that Cherry got an intense tickling also, so she gets stretched out and strapped down on her back for a very intense ten minutes of tickle session that she won’t forget! Still wearing her catsuit, Cherry has her wrists and ankles cuffed to the table. With cameras at either end you get a great view as she is tickled out of her mind, with barely any at all to catch her breath. Cherry’s had a non-stop ten minute tickle challenge once before, but this time it’s not even a challenge…it’s just punishment! She’s already giggling and laughing as her nylon feet are tickled through her heels, and once those come off she’s soon squealing and shrieking with laughter! Cherry is super-ticklish and she genuinely finds it completely unbearable, especially when her body is tickled too. Her ribs and sides are the worst spots in this position but her armpits, legs and belly are all extremely ticklish also. She looks incredibly hot in her tight catsuit, but even hotter when it’s pulled down to expose her amazing boobs! Cherry’s nylon feet get a lot of tickling, with fingers and then the hairbrush which makes her scream and squeal like mad. After five minutes, she’s struggling to cope and is crestfallen to learn she’s still only half-way through! It doesn’t get any more bearable in the second half though, as the nylons are ripped and her sensitive bare soles and toes are even more ticklish. It’s a relentless session as her feet and body are tickled (sometimes at the same time!) and Cherry doesn’t know which way to turn as she jumps, jerks, thrashes and squeals! When the time is up, she’s very relieved – she said this was one of her absolute worst tickle sessions yet…though we think it’s one of her best!

Length: 11:27
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Cherry’s 10 Minutes Of Tickle Hell!

TickleAbuse – Valentina Plays Kitchy-Koo with Asteria in the Kitchen

It’s time for Valentina to get some sweet revenge on Asteria today! Asteria finds herself tied in the kitchen and at Valentina’s mercy! Unfortunately, Valentina isn’t feeling very merciful today and she uses the same implements on Asteria that were used on her! We get to sit back and enjoy Asteria’s helpless laughter and struggles as she tickled non-stop by Valentina! Dear viewer, I really hope you enjoyed this video!

Length: 15:26
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Valentina Plays Kitchy-Koo with Asteria in the Kitchen

TickleAbuse – Valentina Almost Made it to the Bedroom

Valentina’s been hoping to spend time in the bedroom with her partner Slyyy. She literally made it to the bedroom door when Slyyy again tied her up! Now she’s hung from the bedroom door and being tormented by Slyyy’s fingers as they explore and tickle every inch of Valentina’s body! She’d complain more, but she so busy laughing she can’t! Valentina is the target as Slyyy zeroes in on every ticklish inch!

Length: 15:22
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Valentina Almost Made it to the Bedroom

TickleAbuse – Slyyy Enjoys Making Valentina Laugh

Valentina was expecting a special night with her partner Slyyy tonight, but she didn’t expect to wind up tied to the table in just her panties! Slyyy has a special “pre-game” plan for tonight that involves Valentina having a few laughs. Of course, those laughs are going to come from Slyyy tickling her! No matter how Valentina twists and writhes, Slyyy’s fingers are waiting for her!

Length: 15:22
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Slyyy Enjoys Making Valentina Laugh

TickleAbuse – Asteria has Valentina Giggling in the Garage

It’s round three of the tickle wars today! Asteria has Valentina in the garage and it’s time to make her start laughing again! Asteria uses all the implements at her disposal while Valentina can only laugh hysterically, unable to escape! These two ladies are in a war of strikes and counter-strikes as the tickling keeps going on and on! What bad for them is fantastic for us of course though since the show keeps going and going!

Length: 15:16
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Asteria has Valentina Giggling in the Garage

TheTickleRoom – Kairis First Time “I Hate THAT!”

Kairi is a friend of mine that randomly decided with her friend Jade to come shoot for The Tickle Room! She knew about my shoots about a year ago but she HATES her feet being touched and was NOT a fan of thinking about them getting tickled. Well she changed her mind after a friend expressed interest in doing foot work (Jade) and talked her into joining. Now Kairi and her size 7 soles are normally very much in control. She always gets men to do what she wants even with her shy and very soft persona. So this being her first time tied up you can tell she is actually extremely nervous. The MOMENT I touch her feet she is smiling and lightly making faces trying to get away. Heads up this is one of the CUTEST and most genuine shy reactions of someone getting tickled you will ever see. Kairi HATES her feet being touched so watching her IMMEDIATELY smile and giggle losing short breath even when I am tickling her socked feet. So I tie her toes back and its time. I start with fingers and she is giggling fighting her laughter when I have Jade help me. So I start and Kairi explains her hatred for fingernails on her feet but can handle Jades. Thats when I use Aloe on her feet and its go time. I use tools and shockingly the one that tickles the MOST is her left foot right on her insole. The moment we use the brushes she is LOSING It with this soft giggle that makes her lose composure. Its a really hot experience watching her giggle and lose control while almost squeaking and she HATES it but me and Jade LOVE it.

Length: 13:56
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Kairis First Time “I Hate THAT!”

TheTickleRoom – Bella Luxxs Audition Pt 2 Upperbody Techniques

Bella Luxx is a beautiful insanely ticklish model which a GREAT body and one AMAZING laugh. The video starts great with Bella asking “are you gonna touch my knees?” as I start grabbing her knees to which she IMMEDIATELY responds “fuck you are”. I start with her knees and thighs and she wiggles giggling trying to get away. Then I am on to the hips and belly. I start nice and slow lightly tickling her so shes on the edge and not too intense then I do a trick I barely do with one hand. I start really slow digging my hands in with all 5 fingers placed down. It works and she giggles before I go faster and switch it up. Poor Bella is giggling and squealing when I move to her armpits and she start cackling and laughing way harder. This is one fun tickle with the awesome Bella Luxx!

Length: 8:12
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Bella Luxxs Audition Pt 2 Upperbody Techniques