BleuFetishTickling – Alexa Tickled by Domina Skye – FULL CLIP- Remastered & Upscaled with AI

Every once and a while when your shooting these things there is a feeling in the studio that the stars were all aligned and your making something really cool… This is one of those times!! Alexa is a truly exotic, petite working model with a crazy combination of French, East Indian and Malaysian nationality. She’s down to earth, extremely sweet, a dream to work with and EXTREMELY TICKLISH.

and then there’s Domina Skye, one of the most infamous Pro Dommes in NYC during her time, who just happens to have a vicious Tickling Fetish and LOVES to use it to her victims. Put it all together and we have one heck of a HOT VIDEO. Both women are extremely responsive! Alexa is a begging ball of energy with a really sexy laugh who is reduced to an incoherent mess by Skye, who is her usual evil and amused self, experimenting and playing with her victim like a cat with a mouse. Domina Skye and even a brief appearance by the Mystery Hands later, really give this girl an amazing physical and mental workout!

Alexa is strapped to our Tickling Board and we have just an amazing scene between her and Domina Skye. She has so much fun tickling her ribs, her armpits, her feet, the suffering for this cute model is just intense. begging “STOP STOP PLEASE!” SO much begging especially when Skye gets down to her adorable feet, at one point Skye gives her a choice between the feet and her hipbone, Alexa wants her to stick to the feet! With more taunting and tickling, we get alot of armpit action, Lots of “I can’t Breath!” and “Please STOP!” as Domina Skye just laughs and taunts and has so much fun with her cute little victim.

At one point the Armpit tickling is so intense that they actually get Alexa to beg to have her feet tickled, which brings some great dialogue from Domina Skye, “Yes, You said you wanted me to tickle these little feet. These little wrinkled soles, I haven’t really started and you’re already saying stop. You wanted this …You asked for this. You said please tickle my feet, please play with my peds.” Well Alexa gets exactly what she asked for! 5 straight minutes of intense tickling, nails on soles, between toes, holding back toes and more!

Then comes the part where Alexa gets put on her knees and we get alot of feet and and hip tickling, with Skye absolutely making that adorable ASS wiggle while up in the air, and Thrashing her feet as she tickles her into a complete delirium! at one point we hear Alexa say “I want to go home, let me go home!” Sorry hun, not just yet!

Finally, we get The Mystery Hands himself in on the action! The ending of this video is a good 5 minutes of non stop tickling from Domina Skye and TMH as the torment for poor Alexa is now doubled! This is one of The Mystery Hand’s favorite scenes of all time, and Alexa is such a great model, so sexy, so sweet, so TICKLISH! We think it just might be your favorites too!

Length: 37:44
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Alexa Tickled by Domina Skye – FULL CLIP- Remastered & Upscaled with AI

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