BleuFetishTickling – Corri Tickled- Topless Isobel’s Revenge

When we last left Isobel she was being tormented by the very sexy Corri (Yes, the one with the amazing ass!) Well Isobel wanted some revenge and we were just too happy to oblige her. Of course we insisted that she not put any of her clothes back on. We were enjoying her extremely perky naked breasts and her bare feet and figured they’d only look better crawling around tickling a hot girl! Some really great views of the super cute Isobel’s body while she teases and tickles Corri and the always dependable Mystery Hands providing some very good intensity as well 😉

We start off with Corri in a tiny tank top and panties, tied to the tickling board with Isobel wearing only black lace panties. The beginning of this clip has mostly playful and sensual tickling. Corri actually states “I’m sorry this actually feels good” in the beginning and we watch Isobel increase the intensity. Lots of cute giggling as Corri moves her hips erotically as Isobel tickles armpits and sides. Isobel seems like she might just be enjoying having her hands all over this beautiful model a little too much 😉 Great shots of the mostly naked Isobel crawling around including lots of nice views of her feet while she’s tickling Corri. Of course we couldn’t let Corri off the hook with just a sensuous tickling so the Mystery Hands come in to up the intensity. Then we have a very hot double team effort with Corri really starting to react. The Mystery hands focus on her stomach, underarms and under her breasts. You can tell this definitely no longer “feels good” as her discomfort builds and suffering begins.

Isobel is then lying down next to Corri stroking her foot. Corri is squirming sensually and you can tell that Isobel is really enjoying playing with her feet. It’s a very sexy image as we watch the topless Isobel’s beautiful breasts right next to Corri’s adorable feet. But “nice” must come to an end and the Mystery Hands come in and up the intensity again. Both feet are getting it at this point and a little inner thigh and hips as well. One person is being nice and the other is being mean, as Corri puts it: “she doesn’t know whether to laugh or moan.” Nice sensual Foot tickling with some good intense moments mixed in. Next, another very sexy position as Isobel straddles Corri’s head so we can see Isobel’s face, breasts, crotch and feet while she tickles Corri’s body. The rest of the clip is all upper bodywork with Isobel and the Mystery Hands, double teaming Corri’s ribs, sides and armpits. She is moaning and crying out and there are nice stretches of real torment mixed with sensual stroking.

Length: 16:01
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Corri Tickled- Topless Isobel’s Revenge

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