BleuFetishTickling – Bubbles Tickled by the Mystery Hands – FULL CLIP

You think she looks cute in the picture, wait till you watch her beg!! Bubbles has got to be one of the most adorable, innocent looking women we’ve EVER SEEN! Let alone tickle tormented. She is too good to be true, a 21-year-old blue eyed blond with extremely large breasts who looks like she was delivered from the front of a Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa box directly to our tickling table! And you’d think she’d have an attitude, NONE! She’s sweet as pie and has an absolutely amazing laugh that is music to a tickling fanatics ear. And, Just because she’s so nice doesn’t mean we take it easy on her. She gets a VERY intense tickling and laughs and begs non-stop so sweetly, you could get a cavity!. She tells us that she’s VERY nervous and that she’s never been bound or really tickled like this before in our pre-clip interview and seems like she’s in total disbelief while she’s being tickled. Did we mention that SHE’S SO DAMN CUTE!!! She was really shy and unsure about doing this but she actually seemed to have a pretty good time when all was said and done. Sort of the whole ‘going on a roller coaster’ feeling she said later. The only way we got her to do this topless was that she had some really lovely body painting done earlier in the day and felt that her two ‘Indian feathers’ covered her up enough.

Our adorable little ‘Bubbles’ is dressed only in a green skirt and her breasts are painted with indian feathers Her hair is in 2 braids and she sort of resembles a cross between Sacagawea and the Swiss Miss Girl. The Mystery Hands ask her if she’s nervous and begin rolling down her skirt. TMH’s start with the tummy and Bubbles is giggling like crazy. ‘You’re never going to make it are you? You’re in trouble’ says TMH’s. The Armpits are next and as TMH’s attack them we hear some snickering from off camera. ‘You’re friends are all laughing at you’ TMH’s taunt. He finds some excellent spots in the hip/pelvis area and plays with her feet a bit. Unbelievably, even though Bubbles is laughing like crazy she exclaims joyously ‘This is fun!!’. TMH’s move behind Bubbles’ head so he can use both hands in her armpits and attack relentlessly. TMH’s continue under the arms and on the sides of the boobs and Bubbles seems to be in disbelief at how much sensation she is feeling. TMH’s attack the upper and inner thighs and Bubbles is really giggling hard. ‘Oh my stomach muscles.’ she says as TMH’s move up to her tummy again. This is a great upper body clip, lot’s of underarms, sides of breasts, tummy and upper and inner thighs. Our victim laughs like crazy throughout as TMH’s are obviously having a great time! At the end of the clip our innocent woman shockingly says: ‘Oh my god that fucking tickles,’ TMH’s reply, ‘That’s the whole idea.’ She says, ‘Oh my god. Wow I didn’t think I could laugh that much!’

More of the same with the intensity ramped up a notch. TMH’s lift Bubbles’ skirt and starts off with the inner thighs. She tries to say she is not ticklish there, while laughing hysterically. This is just a great area to torment on Bubbles as she’s extremely ticklish there. TMH’s compare how ticklish her upper body is to her inner thighs and go back and forth between the areas. TMH’s ask after going back to her pelvic area. ‘Was that mean? I do have a little experience with this.’ TMH’s are back up at Bubbles’ armpits, she begs him to stop but he makes her say it nicer. Again, this clip also has lot’s of underarms, sides of breasts, tummy and upper and inner thighs. TMH’s enjoy taunting our cute girl, playing games with her, making her ask him to ‘please tickle me under my arms’ etc. TMH’s really get Bubbles begging hard at the end of this Video. She pleads ‘No more’ and he stops for a second only to say ‘Three more minutes!’ and go back to her stomach. ‘Oh god it tickles. Owww’ says Bubbles as TMH’s use short vigorous fingers all over her thighs. ‘Please stop, No more’ TMH’s make her tell the camera: ‘Please no more tickling, Please make them stop, Oh god.’

Length: 15:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Bubbles Tickled by the Mystery Hands – FULL CLIP

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