BleuFetishTickling – Lora’s Nude Ticklish Vibrations – FULL CLIP

Lora Diaz is one of our most popular tickling models. You watched her go crazy in our classic series “Lora’s Nude Punishment Tickle” and after we were done tickling her we decided to torment her some more with our vibrator. This is a VERY SEXY clip, you get to watch this naked girl struggle and thrash around while we vibrate and tickle her at the same time. This clip is about using tickling to deny Lora the real explosive orgasm she wants. The tickling constantly distracts her and when we do finally let her cum she is too embarrassed and distracted cum hard or to even let us know. Of course we berate her for that the whole time! Lora is lying nude strapped to the board, propped up on a pillow. ‘We have a little something else in mind for you now… Something you might enjoy. At least for a while.’ says The Mystery Hands. ‘Just a little nice, not too nice.’ As the vibrator is placed on her naked mound, Lora says the sensation is, “too much” and TMH taunts her by replying ‘This is vibrator torment, not vibrator super yummy’. Domina Skye starts with the vibrator and then soon passes it off to TMH’s to concentrate on teasing her victim. Lora adorable feet are tickled by Domina Skye and she really starts to struggle as Skye uses her long nails on the bottoms of her feet, inner thigh and belly. ‘You’re fuckin’ sick,’ says Lora and of course the evil twins tickle her even more intensely. TMH ask her if tickling makes it hard to cum? After more teasing and tickling Lora admits that she came very quietly which makes TMH’s press the vibrator into her saying that they won’t stop until she comes loud. She’s grinning and frustrated, breathing heavy and now sweating. Then as she is laughing quietly TMH’s realize she’s cum again quietly and presses the vibrator into her even more. Both tormentors are laughing at Lora as she rubs herself against it. ‘We’re gonna make her cum again. If you don’t yell, then we’re going to do it again.’ Finally, she does tell them the next time she cums and they laugh at her as she does. At the end of the clip Lora says, “Bye, I’m gonna get you for this” to her step-brother who put her up to this whole thing!

Length: 10:12
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Lora’s Nude Ticklish Vibrations – FULL CLIP

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