BleuFetishTickling – Mura Squealing, Squirming, and Panting Upper Body Fun

We open up to Mura Suru with her arms suspended in the air while her legs are strapped to our tickle Board. The Mystery Hands taunts her saying ” you’re the first person in 15 years to meet the Mystery Hands, Ive been waiting for fifteen years to come back and torment you”

as TMH tickles her, he is just exploring for the right spots to torment this Asian chipmunk the most as she squeaks and shrieks. ” What are these sounds youre making? You gotta let that out”

Mini Mura does a lot of ” Mini Screaming ” in this video. She is fighting so hard to keep herself from letting it all out, it almost sounds like she had lost her voice! He explores all the different parts of her body, Armpits, her ribs, her belly, her inner thigh, that’s where she seems to be the most ticklish.

the middle of this video includes the Origin scene of the next generation of evil at Bleufetish, introducing Mystery Hands Jr. Dawning the signature Black mask, while sporting a hoodie with a hat on top. you cant see his face, but rest assured, he was so excited to get his hands on Mura. MHJ is a mute evil who gets right into action by tickling Mura’s armpits, and trying to find the best possible place to really get more reactions out of her.

She jiggles, squeaks, bounces all over trying to wrestle herself away. MHJ is going to town on her armpits, belly, inner thighs, getting her to squeak and squall and gasp for air, never letting up. at one point TMH says to her “are you having trouble breathing?”

MHJ goes to town on her armpits, as he is tickling her she seems to have a lot of trouble breathing, TMH tells her “I can tell this is one of your favorite things” as she squirms and croaks. He comes up to her and tickles her armpits while MHJ is still going and says ” What if we both do it?” She starts to lose it her, giving out those loud squeaks and losing her breath.

TMH says to her “Would you like him to stop now?” She croaks out “stop!” you can tell how out of breath she is, “stop please!” You can see MHJ shaking his head to the camera, he wont stop!

as MHJ steps back, TMH says “So I notice youre not really begging a lot, is that because you like it?” She is shaking her head and squawking out what sounds like a no, but we cant tell!

MHJ goes for her sides, really having fun playing with those ribs and she struggles to get away and saying what sounds like NO through her teeth! You can see in her face as he takes a second to stop, the mix of exhaustion and extasy in her face, but he quickly jumps right back into it!

We fade back into TMH back behind her, as he tells her “That seems like a nice little beginning for you” as she scrunches her face looking like she’s thinking to herself “YOU GOTTA BE JOKING”

“If you don’t beg more, its never going to stop!” TMH tells her as he gets deep into her inner thighs, she starts screaming, “STOP STOP STOP!” She Struggles so much to get away the table starts to slide all over, as TMH holds on and keeps getting her to let go and give you the reactions you crave!

He asks her at one point “Do you like it when I tickle you here?” She says no, and he asks why, and her response is “I don’t like to be tickled anywhere!” He keeps going in on her Armpits and inner thigh, as she bashes herself against him. We fade out looking at TMH realizing its time to get her down on the floor, where there is no escape!

Length: 9:52
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Mura Squealing, Squirming, and Panting Upper Body Fun

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