BleuFetishTickling – Tasha is BACK – to 2005 in her Ticklish Toothpaste Commercial Remastered Classic

Many years ago I promised TA that I wouldn’t use Tasha’s name on this one. But since they sold the biz, Ms Slim is now rightfully called TASHA’s Ticklish Toothpaste Commercial!

Talk about REAL and INSANE reactions… Tasha goes absolutely CRAZY! Begging & Pleading that “she is sorry”, shaking like a crazy lady and SCREAMING LOUDER THAN ANYONE WE’VE EVER TICKLED BEFORE!

A 2005 “brand new to modeling” Tasha is so genuine, sweet and innocent, you’ll love her immediately, BUT you’ll love her amazing reactions even MORE! She is so eager to please she actually helps Skye find ticklish spots in the beginning and it’s clear that she’s very turned on by a hot Domme touching her all over her body.

This clip starts with with Domina Skye doing a great job of slowly teasing Tasha, drawing her in little by little and working her up to lots of over-the-top laughing, screaming and begging. If that was all, this would have been a classic clip all on it’s own, BUT when The Mystery Hands come in… all hell breaks loose and the intensity goes thru the roof!

This is one of our best examples of a clip that goes from zero to “off the charts” in a slow methodical way! There is just awesome chemistry here! The story behind the title of this video is pretty hysterical too.

The original silly premise of the video is that We saw Tasha at the Mall and were blown away by her beautiful smile. TMH’s went up to her and asked “you have a great smile… would you be interested in shooting a toothpaste commercial”. Tasha gave us an enthusiastic “YES”, hoping she had just been discovered by some ad agency. TMH’s continued saying, “Well unfortunately we don’t shoot toothpaste commercials… however we DO shoot TICKLING Videos… ” and the rest, as they say, is history!

This full clip includes the outtake from our interview with Tasha where we discuss the silly premise for the video AND watch out for the enhanced new version of “Tasha’s Vibrator Ecstasy” where we torment and tease Tasha to even MORE amazing reactions, including cross-eyed orgasms, with tickling and a vibrator.

Length: 23:23
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tasha is BACK – to 2005 in her Ticklish Toothpaste Commercial Remastered Classic

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