BleuFetishTickling – Tickled In Sin – Anna & Mystery Hands -Full Clip- Restored Classic!

We are here with our lost little Asian girl from China Town, NYC and our extremely talented and merciless “Mystery Hands”! If your into watching victims with just enough room in their bonds to thrash around like a maniac… then THIS CLIP IS FOR YOU! Anna’s hands were secured tightly over her head, but her feet and legs were cruelly free to try to escape. Unfortunately that combination doesn’t work too well for tickling victims!!! Watch this poor little exhausted girl as she acts like a crazy bucking bronco! We gotta admit it amused us greatly! Lot’s of great all over body tickling including a lot of foot tickling action for you FOOT LOVERS!! this clip has Alot of “hot mystery foot tickling”! We start off sitting on a bondage bed, hands secured above, in just a tiny tank top and panties. Anna shrieks as her inner thighs, backs of knees and neck get tickled. She carefully watches the Mystery Hands, never knowing where they are going to strike next. S tomach and rib tickling get Anna bouncing, squirming and jumping like a rabbit. The intensity increases and the begging begins as some more inner thigh tickling ensues. The circling finger technique is applied and poor Anna is almost crying as her armpits are . Lots of great thrusting and shrieking and even an escaped boobie makes an appearance as the MH’s continue on her defenseless sides. AND THEN THE FOOT BEGINS. This is just painful… you can see she stops having fun and can hardly speak by the end. Moaning, twisting back and forth and begging! she eventually loses her top and she is just in her panties with her arms tied overhead and now standing behind the bondage bed in front of the Mystery Hands. The MH’s begin with some light poking from armpits to crotch causing giggling and some nice butt gyrations. The MH’s begin their relentless attack, as i nner thigh and lower tummy tickling begin Anna tries to crawl away on top of the bondage bed. This now exposes her feet as her knees are on the bed. The MH’s make her pay, tickling her feet as soon as they become available. Taunting her with “Oh you thought you were a wise guy climbing up here huh?… now you’re not so happy are you!?!” She keeps trying to climb away but the MH’s just keep pulling her back and tickling her more and more. She finally gets both legs free and the MH’s just encourage her to beg more and more , following her every contortion with both hands digging in to her. This stoic composed girl becomes a frenzied whimpering captive with a really awesome look of confusion and aggravation!

Length: 15:47
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickled In Sin – Anna & Mystery Hands -Full Clip- Restored Classic!

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