Bondagio – Tickling Hide And Seek Bikini Edition

Welcome to our exciting game of hide and seek! Four girls are dressed in stylish bikinis and high heels, their hands tied behind them. Who will be the last one left standing and who will be tickled by the winning team? Let’s find out!

The game starts with two girls as seekers, fully clothed and blindfolded to add an extra layer of challenge. The other four players wear bikinis and heels as they hide in various locations. As the music plays, they use their senses to find each other, while the seekers use their tactics to locate them. The loud heels make it harder for the hiders to move quietly.

In the first round, one of the seekers quickly finds one of the hiders and tickles her with her nails, causing her to burst out laughing. With each round, the game becomes more challenging as the players become more skilled. Seekers try their best to catch all the girls and enjoy the tickling.At the end of the game, Patty from the hiding place becomes the winner. The prize is to tickle all the other girls with Sonya. They tie their hands above their heads, standing still. The tickling session is merciless and cruel, but that makes it special.

Length: 37:22
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickling Hide And Seek Bikini Edition

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