UKTickling – Tammie Strips Daisy & Sends Her To Tickle Hell – Custom

UK Tickling veteran Tammie Lee meets newcomer Daisy Dolly in this hot custom… both ladies are incredibly ticklish and both love tickling others, so this was destined to be a great match! Daisy gets tickled in this first part as Tammie strips her out of her outfit and then punishes her in the stocks. She starts off wearing a fluffy top and leggings with socks over sheer pantyhose. Tammie has some fun playing with her for the first part, testing her out and finding her ticklish spots (they are everywhere!). She teases and tickles her feet and body, before peeling off the socks and tickling her nylon feet as Daisy squeals and tries to get away. Tammie is a natural domme and she enjoys pinning Daisy down, trapping her feet then grappling with her as she tickles all over, holding her arms to tickle her underarms too. She removes Daisy’s top to expose her amazing breasts and tickles her exposed body, teasing her nipples and neck too as she crumples and tries to escape. Tammie easily dominates her though and makes Daisy squirm like crazy… but it’s about to get worse! Daisy is then stripped out of her leggings and gagged with a sock as she her wrists are bound and feet go into the stocks. Now she is really in trouble! Tammie has the super-ticklish redhead at her mercy and she makes the most of it, tickling and lickling her sensitive nylon feet. The foot worship tickles Daisy out of her mind and she squeals through the gag, but Tammie’s long nails are even worse! She thoroughly enjoys making Daisy suffer, tickling her vulnerable body again before returning to focus on her feet. She tickles and lickles her through the nylons, then rips them to expose her bare feet too. Sucking and tickling her bare toes, drives Daisy even more crazy and Tammie can’t help laughing at her! Daisy is done for, but Tammie doesn’t want to stop as she runs her tongue between every toe and tickling mercilessly – even when she thinks it’s over! This is a long and very mean tickle session. Unfortunately for Tammie, Daisy is every bit as mean and she really loves tickling… and it’s her turn next!

Length: 19:47
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tammie Strips Daisy & Sends Her To Tickle Hell – Custom

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