UKTickling – Storm’s Soles At Ayla’s Mercy – Custom

Ayla Sky has a second encounter with super-ticklish Storm and has a great time tickling the hell out of her all over again for this hot custom! Ayla really enjoyed tickling Storm the first time around and she makes the most of the opportunity with Storm helpless, stretched out on her front this time. Ayla has full access to her super-sensitive feet and she wastes no time teasing and punishing them with her long nails. Storm squeals and shrieks as Ayla pins her legs and goes to town on her sheer nylon soles! She loves teasing her as she torments her feet before moving up to tickle Storm’s helpless thighs and upperbody too. Poor Storm can’t do anything to get away as Ayla’s tiny frame climbs all over her, tickling every exposed part! Ayla uses her own tiny (UK 2.5!) nylon feet to trap Storm’s big (UK 7) soles as she tickles them, then uses her toes to tickle as well! Leaning back she even manages to reach up and tickle her sides at the same time – Ayla certainly has the skills and she loves tickling the hell out of people! Sitting at Storm’s soles, she teases and punishes them with her nails once more and then begins licking, sucking and nibbling her toes and soles. She spends a long time devouring Storm’s sexy nylon feet, using her teeth to make her jump and giggle. Ayla then rips the nylons to do the same with her bare feet too, sucking each toe and nibbling her sensitive soles and heels. Just as Storm thinks she may be done, Ayla starts tickling and lickling at the same time to give her a crazy-ticklish finale …a hot, hot F/F scene!

Length: 16:01
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Storm’s Soles At Ayla’s Mercy – Custom

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