Fettish – Saw Trap – Kylie and Ayla Jae

Kylie is on her stream with her friend Ayla, laughing it up and making mention of an upcoming horror show. Ayla excuses herself to go set it up for the viewers.
The audience becomes impatient and pesters Kylie to go check on Ayla…

She becomes frustrated and heads to the attic where her planned show is to take place.

It isn’t what she expected.

A masked figure grabs her from behind, clamping her mouth shut as she tries to fight him off, with Ayla nearby, bound to a table.

An ominou voice begins to speak, describing Kylies two faced behavior with her constant laughing behind her friend Aylas back, who is now free and smirking above her, while Kylie is bolted to the floor with multiple vibrating brushes taped to her, a large spinning buffer overhead, and a friend looking to teach her a lesson in laughter.

Length: 14:28
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Saw Trap – Kylie and Ayla Jae

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