Fettish – Targeted Tickling – Carmen Valentina

Trying something a little different here – something for everyone in one clip 🙂

Carmen is 10/10 ticklish but not just on her feet – all over! How do I know? Well, I wound her into a tape mummification, leaving her belly out, and her arms at her side with just enough room to wedge vibrating brushes up toward her underarms; and yes her feet are left exposed also.

Starts off with some belly ‘work’, then progresses to her feet, then flipped onto her belly in a hogtaping, i wedge brushes on her midsection while I work her bare feet over. Tired of her carrying on, a black ball gag is wedged in her mouth and one of my drones is taped to her feet where she’s left to struggle.

Length: 20:13
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Targeted Tickling – Carmen Valentina

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