Fettish – The Brat Buster – Amecia

Fan favorite Amecia has returned for a shot in the Brat Buster! Bolted face down, this ticklish girl’s entire body from her pits to her silky soft feet are exposed. Random steel bits keep Amecia from squirming around too much.

Derek pokes and prods her upper body and thighs, getting constant giggle fits out of the very overwhelmed woman. Getting to her feet always brings explosive reactions. In this clip, watch Derek tease Amecia with his black feather and several other ‘helpers.’

You get a safeword in this one—from a place surprisingly more ticklish than her feet. Don’t believe me? See for yourself 🙂

TTC: I’ll be honest; I’m too dazed to remember. It was a multiple orgasm kind of video over here – but it started shortly after Derek started feathering Amecia’s soles.

Rating scale 1-5 feathers ????

Amecia: ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? (5)

Whoooooo. This was well done! Amecia pushed to her limits, extremely ticklish and suffering every second she can! Her safe wording is always fire because that drives me crazy. I love tickling a pretty girl into hell—when she says her safeword I know I won, and it’s time to stop.

Fuck. It’s hot!! ????

I’ll see you at the next review!

? Santina | Erotica author, reviewer, and model ????

Length: 22:34
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – The Brat Buster – Amecia

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