GinaryTickleAdventures – Prison Play Tickling With Kendra Allure & Julian Jaden – FULL

Part 1… Corrections Officer, Kendra Allure, interviews prisoner, Julian Jaden, to see if he is fit to be released back into the public, and reformed from his serial tickling ways. Kendra lets her shoe slip off during the interview, and teases Julian with her feet in pantyhose, as she asks him various questions about tickling. Kendra teases him with her feet until he gives in and tickles Kendra’s feet. Julian handcuffs Kendra’s hands and binds her feet, tickling her uncontrollably as Kendra is helpless on the floor! Julian is a sucker for tickling, and he will never change!

Part 2… Kendra has Julian all tied up on the floor, ready to get her payback for him ripping her pantyhose and tickling her. Kendra tells Julian to scream for help (not that it would do anything), and she starts to tickle him all over his vulnerable and exposed body and sides. Kendra pins him down on the floor, and tickles him relentlessly for tickling her and deceiving her. Kendra grabs a vibrating toothbrush, and tickles Julian all over his body, even going down to his feet and tickling his soles until he can’t take anymore!

Length: 19:10
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Prison Play Tickling With Kendra Allure & Julian Jaden – FULL

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