Fettish – Tickle Dice – Amecia

A very special treat is waiting for you in this clip. Amecia, bound on the table, is about to play a round of ‘Tickle Dice’ with Derek for a chance to win some extra cash.

Cubed dice listed D4-D20 are displayed, with the rules of the game explained. Say Derek rolls his D4 dice—Amecia has to guess the right answer between 1-4. If she guesses a 1 but Derek rolls a 4, she has to endure 3 minutes of tickling before she can move on to the next dice.

With 7 to get through, this won’t be any easy feat—especially for wildly ticklish, adorable Amecia. Derek doesn’t take it easy on her either with money on the line! Tools or bare hands, she goes nuts with laughter while Derek hones in on her known spots until she just can’t take any more from fear of “falling out.” Note: Safety precautions are always followed, and the tickling stopped after Amecia made that statement,

How long did she last? 😉 Watch to find out.

Length: 30:12
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickle Dice – Amecia

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