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Y’all, I don’t even know where to begin with this clip. Sushii never disappoints when she’s in town, she and Derek always have so much banter and fun when they work together, and it makes for truly entertaining content.

Right off the bat the thing I noticed first was that in the facedown position he has her in to watch her poor feet suffer, Derek has her ankles crossed and my mind is immediately snurfing.

(Let’s get a little science-y for a sec: ankles crossed is such a simple yet effective way to drive a person crazy because it crosses the midline of your brain. You’re receiving tickles on one side, but your brain is registering it on the other side, but then since this is tv and you’re watching it you’re thinking it should be on that side BUT IT ISN’T. Again I say: SNURF.)

Science aside, Sushii’s reactions to the tickles are beautiful, and they make me want to tickle her. See: TBD (when he first starts tickling her with fingers, and when the feather is in her armpit, and then tickling the back of her knee and her foot at the same time) to understand what I mean. She’s constantly calling Derek names and it’s truly hilarious to watch. As if the names will get him to stop, puh. We all know better.

My upperbody friends get a little treat this clip too, as he gets her sides for a bit. By the end of the clip she’s calling for a medic in jest and I was laughing along with them both. 10/10, high recommend, watch this clip and enjoy their camaraderie. It’ll make your day!

Length: 15:29
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickle TV – Sushii

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