FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Healing with Laughter! Pt 1 Indica’s Ticklish Investigation!

Detective Indica is undercover, investigating Jasper Reed’s spa, after reports of unethical practices. Posing as a client, Indica prepares to undergo some kind of therapy in which she’s immobilized, strapped firmly to a table! Indica has no idea what’s going on as Jasper seems to be trying to convince her how great this treatment is going to be … while removing Indica’s shoes, revealing her helpless, nylon-clad feet!

Indica’s apprehension about this “treatment” is soon fully realized as Jasper begins sniffing her shoes and tickling her pantyhosed feet! The undercover detective howls, cackles and begs for mercy! Jasper persists, swearing that this treatment is just what Indica needs, completely unaware she’s under investigation as Indica rants on in garbled, laugh-addled tickle-speak!

Indica quickly loses it, in a toe-squirming fit of panic and outrage, calling Jasper a perv, who’s simply pretending to be a therapist. Jasper does little to prove her wrong as she sniffs and tickles the undercover cop’s feet, mercilessly! Can Detective Indica escape the pervy clutches of this pseudo-scientist nutjob? Find out now!

Duration: 16:45.571
Size: 645,011 Mb

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