FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Superheroine Tickle Takedown A Ticklish Cat-astrophe!

DC/MARVEL PARODY! INTRODUCING Ms. IRENE SILVER! Catwoman and Black Cat are both attempting to steal the fabled Jade Umbrella from the Temple of the Dragon! However, each is determined to make the other walk away empty-handed … and with a few lumps! The two feline felons duke it out, only to be subdued by the temple guardian, Gold Dragon!

Soon, the pilfering pair find themselves unshod and strapped into the Sole Stealer! Gold Dragon is determined to teach them a lesson, one way or another. He offers to give the umbrella to whichever one of them knows who originally wielded it in combat. However, a wrong answer earns a merciless foot-tickling as Catwoman finds out the hard way! Fingernails and a feather reduce the feline femme fatale to a howling, cackling, thrashing wreck!

Black Cat fares no better as her tender tootsies writhe and squirm under ticklish attack as well! Gold Dragon moves back an forth, keeping the tickle pressure on both of them, turning them even more against each other than they were before! Oil, the hairbrush and claw massager are added to the mix to keep the sexy cat burglars shrieking with helpless laughter and begging for any other type of punishment to atone for trying to rob the temple! Will Gold Dragon show them mercy and give them a different option for atonement? Find out now!

Duration: 19:38.810
Size: 965,229 Mb

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