FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Lara Croft vs Ruby Roundhouse! Pt 3 Plumenatti Predicament!

LARA CROFT/JUMANJI PARODY: Plumenatti agent, Alexa has entered the fray and very nearly got the best of both Lara Croft and Ruby Roundhouse! However, some quick thinking and the cursed scroll that Lara was carrying have put the sexy femme fatale at Lara and Ruby’s mercy!

Our two heroines deduce that it’s Alexa who must have the scroll containing the map that will guide them out of the catacombs of the Egyptian god of tricksters. While they could easily search her, some tickle revenge for all the trouble she put them through seems to be in order!

The leather-clad villainess shrieks and cackles with panicked laughter as skittering fingernails, from both Lara and Ruby dance up and down her wildly-wriggling soles and toes! The sexy blonde seems to be even a bit more ticklish than our heroines, which is just fine with them! But, are her fast-flailing, hyperticklish tootsies sensitive enough that she’ll give up her scroll and be stuck here in this forgotten chamber? Find out now!

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Download – Lara Croft vs Ruby Roundhouse! Pt 3 Plumenatti Predicament!

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