FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Learning Through Laughter!

Terra and Courtney are studying for an exam, while Indica goofs off. Courtney is unfocused, so Terra decides to teach her lesson, and score a study break, by hogtying Courtney. Courtney’s socked feet up in the air are just too much temptation to resist, so Terra tickles them! Once she realizes how ticklish those feet are, she keeps going and soon removes the socks!

In no time, Courtney is cackling and guffawing away, as her ticklish tootsies dance and squirm! Indica takes too much amusement in Courtney’s predicament, so she ends up being next! Terra and Courtney get her to try and read the textbook they’re using, but Indica can barely get real words out of her mouth as her feet come under tickle attack!

Last, but not least, the instigator of all this tickle distraction, Terra, ends up being hogtied by Courtney and Indica! Her big, soft, size 9.5 feet wriggle and writhe as she howls with hysterical laughter, wishing she hadn’t started this silly game! Looks like there won’t be any studying happening, today, just lots of laughing!

Duration: 16:45.170
Size: 643,513 Mb

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