FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Tickled Intruder! Pt. 1 Nikki’s Nylon Nightmare!

Private eye, Nikki Brooks, has been hired to see if her client’s soon-to-be ex-husband is hiding assets from her, prior to their divorce hearing. Just as she finds evidence, in his safe, she’s subdued and captured!

Soon, the sexy snoop finds herself tied to the sofa, having her shoes removed. The husband wants to know why Nikki broke in and is sneaking around, opening his safe. He thinks she may be a thief, but can’t figure out why she didn’t empty the safe! When Nikki doesn’t offer a reason, he offers her some laughter, by tickling her nylon-clad feet! The leggy blonde was definitely not ready for this type of interrogation! She explodes into gales of laughter as her tender, pampered feet flail about, toes squirming and soles scrunching and flexing!

Fingernails, a steel chopstick, brushes and even a feather, keep Nikki shrieking and writhing in helpless laughter as her struggling feet fight a losing battle to avoid a ticklish fate! Will Nikki’s super-ticklish tootsies cause her to out her client? And if so, will that buy her any mercy? Find out now!

Duration: 16:03.462
Size: 613,728 Mb

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