FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Legends of the Dark Plume! Ep. 171 Koochie-Koochie-Katana!

Sexy, samurai superheroine, Bombshell Katana (Lucy Purr) is looking for ancient relics that can help get Ticklante out of his demon form. She breaks into Slade Wilson’s place and finds the fabled Crane Scroll! Unfortunately, Slade catches her in the act! The two fight it out and Katana is captured and strapped into the stocks!

Slade admires Katana’s skill and bravery and decides not to do her any actual harm. In fact, as he removes one of her geta sandals, he explains that he’d like to get a better relationship with her off on … the right foot! And with that, her freshly unshod bare sole is attacked by skittering fingernails! Katana toe-tally loses it, exploding into crazed, cackling laughter as her long toes wriggle and writhe! Soon, both feet are bared and the tickling torment is turned up!

Feathers, fingernails, brushes, oil, the steel claw and even one of the decorative chopsticks in Katana’s hair become tools of tickle destruction, brought to bear on her helpless, flailing feet! The sexy lady samurai never has a chance as her laugh-addled cries for mercy fall upon deaf ears! In no time, she reveals her mission to Slade, and he reveals that the Crane Scroll is a counterfeit, set up as a trap! However, the merciless mercenary strikes a bargain with the cackling Katana! What is the deal? Will she accept or suffer more foot-tickling agony? Find out now, in this DC Comics tickle parody!

Duration: 19:11.250
Size: 733,957 Mb

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