FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Tickle Wrestling Entertainment! Pt 12 Tiger Lily vs Stomperella!

Onyx Kim, Mia Annabella, Dacey Harlot and Krystal Kim star! Martial artist, Tiger Lily takes on brunette bruiser, Stomperella! From the opening bell, Stomperella (literally) beats Tiger to the punch at every exchange.

Punches, toe-stomps and brutal rib and foot-tickling keep Tiger on the ropes, til her tag team partner, White Crane distracts the unstoppable Latina leg-breaker! Crane’s distraction works, giving Tiger an opening to give Stomperella a vicious rib-tickling! The squealing, helplessly thrashing brunette can dish it out, but definitely can’t take it! But, soon enough, Tiger finds herself in an agonizing foot-tickling predicament, when she tries to crush Stomperella against the ringpost, with a scissorhold! It’s a howling, cackling battle of wills as Tiger’s legs weaken, while she desperately tries to hold on!

Can Tiger escape? Will Crane be able to save her partner, without getting her disqualified? Can Stomperella outwit the conniving Sisters of Shaolin? Find out now!

Duration: 16:11.170
Size: 620,069 Mb

Download – Tickle Wrestling Entertainment! Pt 12 Tiger Lily vs Stomperella!

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