FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Mesmerizing Foot Worship and Tickle!

THIS IS A CUSTOM VIDEO: Riot has a little surprise for you. She has Reagan Lush tied up, with her feet secured up in the air, to the back of a chair! Reagan isn’t sure what’s about to happen and she’s a bit nervous. Riot takes off a boot and smothers Reagan with her big, sweaty, sock-covered foot! Strangely, after a while it calms Reagan down. In fact, it appears to leave Reagan mesmerized!

Now, that Reagan has calmed down, Riot can remove Reagan’s boots and enjoy the aroma of Reagan’s stinky, socked feet! Riot inhales deeply, savoring the smell and placing gentle kisses on Reagan’s feet. And then, Riot shifts gears … and begins tickling Reagan’s feet! It’s quite the shock and Reagan snaps out of her mesmerized state, laughing hysterically!

And it gets even worse, when Riot removes Reagan’s socks and goes after her wildly wriggling bare feet! Fingernails, teeth and tongue are all unleashed upon Reagan’s unbearably ticklish tootsies! Reagan goes absolutely berserk as Riot holds her between foot worshiped rapture and foot-tickled agony! Don’t miss this one!

Length: 17:34.286
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Mesmerizing Foot Worship and Tickle!

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