FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Sales and Soles! Pt 2 Ticklish Incentive!


Sales execs, Honey, Summer and Fina are bound together in the Sole Stealer. The three overly competitive execs and their constant attempts to one-up each other have been very disruptive for business, so the boss has come up with a solution: have them all be test dummies for the latest bondage device the company has been assigned to test market! And to make it really interesting, he offers a bonus to whomever can handle having her feet tickled the longest!

It isn’t long before the office is filled with howling, cackling and pleas for mercy as all three take their turns having their big feet (Honey – size 9, Fina – size 9.5 and Summer – size 10.5) mercilessly tickled by fingernails, feathers, brushes, an electric toothbrush and the claw massager! It’s a laugh out loud, foot-flailing, toe-squirming competition to see who wants that bonus more … and hopefully put an end to the workplace shenanigans, once and for all!

But, which of these hyper-competitive hotties will win … or is this just an excuse for the boss to bring these three disruptive, dominant ladies to heel and have fun doing it? Find out now!

Length: 16:56
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Sales and Soles! Pt 2 Ticklish Incentive!

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