FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Tickle Games with Onyx and Kitty!

THIS IS A CUSTOM ORDER: Onyx wants to sell Matt a house. However, she has to get through Matt’s assistant, Kitty, first. Kitty knows that Matt demands loyalty, even if he is a bit … eccentric. Onyx is very eager to win Matt over and tells Kitty she’ll do anything to do so. This gives Kitty and idea!

Matt loves playing foot fetish games to test the ladies with whom he wants to work, so Kitty gets Onyx to play one! Onyx’s eagerness gets the best of her and she finds herself strapped into the Sole Stealer, unsure of what to expect. In no time, Onyx’s shoes and socks are removed and Kitty is furiously tickling her big, bare feet! Onyx howls and cackles as tiny fingernails skitter all over her size 8.5 soles!

But, it’s not just tickling. Kitty switches things up and intermittently tickles and worships Onyx’s feet! Onyx is never quite sure if she should expect Kitty’s fingernails, her tongue or her teeth as she’s hit with a combination of tickling, lickling, nibbling and foot worship! Can Onyx handle all this long enough to convince Kitty that she deserves her client’s business? Find out now!

Length: 31:30
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickle Games with Onyx and Kitty!

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