FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Tickle JOI Sahrye and Jessica Jones!

THIS IS A CUSTOM VIDEO … and it’s HOT! Last time around, Jessica Jones tormented Nicole Oring, in what turned out to be a hilarious, one-of-a-kind JOI experience. This time, it’s Jessica in the tickle chair, with sassy, seductive Enchantress Sahrye providing the instruction for you and absolute foot-tickling hell for Jessica!

From the moment Sahrye tell you to grab your cock, Jessica knows she’s doomed! Her big, size 10 feet cringe, squirm and fidget … even before Sahrye lays a finger on them! As soon as a fingernail grazes Jessica’s helpless, bare sole, she goes berserk! Sahrye takes it in stride and uses it to instruct you on how to jerk your cock, then, after an eternity (at least to Jessica) of shrieking, cackling and babbling for mercy, she slows the tempo, taunting and teasing, while Jessica begs you to cum now and spare her the ticklish agony! Thankfully, Sahrye ignores her as she adds feathers, oil, a massage, a hairbrush and other tickle tools and taunts to the mix!

Sahrye’s smooth sultry voice, combined with Jessica’s frantic laughter and frenetic, flailing feet and wiggly toes make the perfect team to get you going … and cumming! Don’t miss this one!

Duration: 15:25.257
Size: 588,51 Mb

Download – Tickle JOI Sahrye and Jessica Jones!

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