FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Ticklish Mission Mishap! Pt. 44 Agent Lush Laughs It Up!

Agent Reagan Lush has just stolen a briefcase full of secret info that was stolen from Agent F. by Pentacle Agent Lucy Purr! However, while she’s on the phone, patting herself on the back to her superiors, Lucy breaks in, with a vengeance! She quickly subdues Reagan, but suddenly realizes that this case (which seems to be indestructible) requires a key!

A while later, Agent Lush wakes up, bound, with her feet in the air, roped to the back of a chair! Agent Purr removes her shoes, revealing a very nervous, fidgety pair of nylon-clad feet! When Reagan tries avoid Lucy’s questions (and makes a joke about her eye patch), the tickling begins! Long, wicked fingernails skitter along Agent Lush’s wildly wriggling feet! Her toes clench, flex and squirm as her feet flail about, desperately trying to escape! Her speech is almost unintelligible as she cackles, shrieks and guffaws, in a tickled panic! Her tender tootsies clearly can’t handle this!

Agent Purr taunts her ticklish captive, recalling another instance in which someone tickled some info out of Agent Lush! The laugh-addled agent can’t take anymore and finally reveals the key’s hiding place! Agent Purr takes her prize, but Agent Lush’s ordeal isn’t over! Agent F. arrives on the scene, having tracked the briefcase to her location! Now what? Find out now!

Duration: 33:10.822
Size: 1 266,719 Mb

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