MuertasDeRisa – Andy tickle challenge in the stocks

Andy is going to undergo a challenge which is to hold back his laughter and not laugh out loud nor can he laugh softly for a long time, he must hold back his laughter. If he succeeds he will earn extra cash for overcoming the challenge. If he fails he will be punished with brushes on his big soles and this is something that Andy deeply hates.
He will get his big soles tickled with the electric toothbrush with and without a head to generate more tickling. The faces that Andy makes while enduring the tickling are very funny, it looks like a meme, hahahaha. Also strong close ups and scrunch toes. She is really serious about passing the test.
Will Andy overcome the challenge or will he lose the reward and she will be punished more harshly?

Length: 11:31
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Andy tickle challenge in the stocks

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