MuertasDeRisa – Hiper ticklish hippie in the stocks

Sigrid accepted a challenge in the stocks for 10 minutes without a safe word. She is really nervous because it is the first time she will try this device and she knows how ticklish her big feet are.
For this first time in the stocks, Sigrid will not have her hands tied, I decided that it would be fun because she is very expressive physically as soon as she feels tickles on her feet. But even though her hands are free I have no mercy on her and she is tickled non-stop throughout the clip while she writhes with laughter from start to finish.
For the first 5 minutes she will have 4 of her toes tied to leave her soles completely exposed to my metal nails that will make Sigrid not stop laughing.
After i applied cream on her soles and released 2 of her toes to see her toes flex strongly while she receives the treatment. Ater cream i use metal nail a bit more and fingers. Poor Sigrid…. She will beg for mercy and sometimes scream and lose control of her body. Loud toe crunching, toe scrunching and a bit of hysteria.
I think Sigrid is one of the most ticklish feet I have ever met, she really can’t stand them, but on the other hand she admits at the end of the video in a few seconds of the interview that she found the experience very fun and horrible at the same time.

Length: 11:43
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Hiper ticklish hippie in the stocks

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